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How do I get to the campsite by car?

To access the Camping Le Méditerranée, if you arrive by car, you will have to take the Béziers-Ouest motorway exit. There are two motorway exits in Béziers. Béziers-Est and Béziers-Ouest. Access to Valras - Plage is of course possible from Béziers-Est, but in the middle of summer you might find yourself facing major traffic problems. The best solution to avoid traffic as much as possible is therefore to take Béziers-Ouest and immediately towards Vendres - Valras - Plage. At the entrance to Valras you will only have to cover 500 meters to find the campsite. Take the direction of Valras center and as soon as you arrive in front of the Family Park, the inflatable structures, the campsite entrance is just opposite.

Coordinates to enter in your GPS Navigator Latitude - Longitude 43.2359 ( 43°14’) - 3.2685 (3°16’)

Adress 1 : Camping Le Méditerranée Route de Vendres - 34350 - Valras - Plage
Adress 2 : Camping Le Méditerranée Chemin des pêcheurs - 34350 - Valras - Plage

How do I get to the campsite by train?

The nearest station is the Béziers station

How do I get to the campsite by bus ?

Stop "Portes de Valras"
The E line is the bus line that serves the campsite, the bus stop in question is directly on the sidewalk of the campsite.
The line runs from the De Gaulle to Béziers bus station, passes through the SNCF train station and ends at the stop in front of the campsite.

To get to from Béziers to the campsite, take the E line towards “Valras Plage, Portes de Valras”.

To get to from the campsite to Béziers, take the E line towards “Béziers, De Gaulle”.

How to get to the campsite by taxis?

  • Allo Taxis Méditerranée
    2 Bis rue Manade,
    34350 VALRAS PLAGE
    Mobile : + 33 6 17 39 93 67
  • Eurl Taxi Joel
    2 Rue Niepce, 34500 Béziers
    Mobile : + 336 25 12 90 85

Can I swim in anything other than a swimsuit?

Warning, NO: Remember to take a swimsuit because swim shorts, boxers, swim dresses, swim leggings ... are strictly prohibited by national regulations campsites. Please note that men, women and children are affected by this regulation. Only swimsuits are allowed. Anyone not respecting these national regulations will be refused entry at the swimming pool.

What should I bring to my mobile home or chalet?

In order to prepare your visit as well as possible, assume that you have rented a furnished apartment. Refrigerator equipped with a milling machine, dishes, pots, stove, coffee machine, clothes line, pillows ... are provided. On the other hand, remember to bring coffee maker filters, bath towels, hangers, tea towels, sponges, dishwashing liquid, garbage bags, paper towels, sheets and blankets, laundry, baby equipment ...

For mobile homes which are not equipped with air conditioning, you must contact our partner LM VACANCES at + 336 22 41 30 85. He will deliver directly to your location, mobile home. Note that you can just as easily rent a gas or electric barbecue or even baby equipment.

Please note, we remind you, animals are not allowed in rental accommodation. If you show up at reception accompanied by an animal, you will refuse entry and immediate cancellation of your reservation.

The mobile homes are accessible from 4 p.m., at this time go directly to the campsite in order to access your accommodation. You can go until 8 p.m. to the campsite reception. After 8 p.m. turn directly to the night porter.

The incoming inventory is done directly by your care when you enter your rental, a list awaits you on the living room table. If you notice a necessary missing item, please let us know directly at reception.
The outgoing inventory is done in the company of a person from the campsite team, for this you just need to come and see us on Saturday morning from 8 am, the premises must be vacated by 10 am at the most. For any outing before 8 am, it is possible to make an appointment the day before at reception from 6 pm. You can arrange an appointment for an exit inventory between 6.30am and 7.45am on Saturday. For any departure before Saturday, please come directly to the campsite reception.

How to give the deposit for the rental of mobile home or chalet?

Regarding deposits, this year everything changes, we will no longer take checks as in previous years but credit card loans.

What do I need to know about renting a tent, motorhome or caravan pitch?

Remember to provide a European electrical outlet, depending on the situation of your site in the campsite you will need an extension cord from 30 to 50m. The best advice we can give you is to contact us so that we can give you the exact length to expect.

For the refrigerator rental, please do not hesitate to contact our partner FRAICHEUR D’ETE at +33 6 29 43 21 17. It will deliver it directly to your location on the day of your arrival.

It is allowed to be accompanied by your animal friends on the pitches, they just need to be declared at the reception upon your arrival. You must also have a leash and everyone’s health record in the event of a police check.

The pitches are accessible from 12 noon, in order to access your pitch, go from noon until 8 p.m. at the campsite reception. After 8 p.m. go straight to the night porter. On the day of your departure, the location must be vacated by noon.

What type of beach is and how far is it from the campsite?

The beach is 150m from the campsite and it is a very easily accessible sandy beach.

How far are we from the very center of Valras-Plage?

The campsite is located about 1.5 km from the hyper center. it is accessible by your own car, by bus or by the small train, the stops being in front of the campsite.

Does a baby count as a whole person?

Yes, our insurance is provided for the capacity of each mobile home, so your baby is insured as a full person just like the rest of the family.

Can I install two motorhomes, two caravans, two vans on one pitch?

No, you will need to rent two locations. However, you have the authorization to put a motorhome or a caravan with an additional tent, this will not incur any additional costs.

Are there laundry facilities on site ?

Yes, washing machines and dryers are available in the sanitary facilities of the campsite. Tokens are on sale at reception: € 4.80 per washing machine and € 4.00 per dryer. The capacity of the equipment is 10kg.

When do the animations start?

During the months of July and August, entertainment will be offered for young and old during the day and in the evening.

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